Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a national program forming partnerships among K-12 public and private schools, higher education institutions and the private sector in order to encourage students to expand upon their knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

UCCS PLTW Dual Credit

Project Lead The Way Colorado

Colorado Affiliate University for Project Lead The Way Since 2003

Earn UCCS college credit while in high school for a reduced rate of $102/credit hour.

To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled in the PLTW course for one academic year and at a participating and approved PLTW High School. Check out the available courses at your high school!

PLTW Transfer Credit Guide

Teaching STEM – Hands-on Education Degree

UCCS BS in Engineering Education will waive specifics courses and/or elective requirements if the student has successfully completed a PLTW course with a B or higher.

  • Students who have completed Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Engineering courses, but did not receive college credit for the courses may be allowed to have those courses waived as part of the Engineering degree with UCCS.
  • Students who have taken any of the Biomedical or Computer Science PLTW courses would have to speak with their advisor regarding the appropriate credit allocations if the course is not on a current college transcript.

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STEM and PLTW Benefits

  • Scholarships

    PLTW students often show increased performance and persistence versus their non-PLTW peers. As a result, many colleges and universities offer scholarships for PLTW students to attend their institution.

  • Admissions Preference

    Data shows that PLTW graduates often excel and persist at a higher rate than their non-PLTW peers. As a result, many institutions wish to offer preference to PLTW students seeking admission.

    Students successfully completing three PLTW courses with a "B" average (2 Foundation and one specialization course) and meeting the above criteria will be granted preferred admission for the following majors: Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Education, and Mechanical Engineering. [Foundation courses: Intro to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering]

  • College-Level Recognition

    PLTW classes are nationally standardized, project-based courses that prepare students for college-level work and culminate with a student assessment, which colleges and universities can use to determine if a student earns college credit: Course Substitution Credit, Advanced Standing Credit, Partial Course Credit, Bridge Courses, or Test-Out/Challenge Exam

Project Lead The Way Colorado