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Important PLTW Policy Changes- Effective 11/27/2018

UCCS PLTW Dual Credit

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Earn UCCS college credit while in high school for a reduced rate of $102/credit hour.

To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled in the PLTW course for one academic year and at a participating and approved PLTW High School. Check out the available courses at your high school!

PLTW Transfer Credit Guide


STEM and PLTW Benefits

  • Scholarships

    PLTW students often show increased performance and persistence versus their non-PLTW peers. As a result, many colleges and universities offer scholarships for PLTW students to attend their institution.

  • Admissions Preference

    Data shows that PLTW graduates often excel and persist at a higher rate than their non-PLTW peers. As a result, many institutions wish to offer preference to PLTW students seeking admission.

    Students successfully completing three PLTW courses with a "B" average (2 Foundation and one specialization course) and meeting the above criteria will be granted preferred admission for the following majors: Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Education, and Mechanical Engineering. [Foundation courses: Intro to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering]

  • College-Level Recognition

    PLTW classes are nationally standardized, project-based courses that prepare students for college-level work and culminate with a student assessment, which colleges and universities can use to determine if a student earns college credit: Course Substitution Credit, Advanced Standing Credit, Partial Course Credit, Bridge Courses, or Test-Out/Challenge Exam


To be eligible, students must be enrolled in the PLTW course for one academic year and attend a PLTW High School.

Requirements for High School Students to Receive Undergraduate Credit

  • PLTW Teacher must have completed the appropriate Core Training for the course he/she is offering
  • PLTW Teacher must provide their Resume and Course Syllabus
  • Most current curriculum must be utilized, not just using one module or activity
  • The student must be enrolled for the college credit via UCCS in the current year he/she is taking the course (registration will be February/March) as the PLTW are traditionally year-long courses.
  • The student must complete the End of Course (EoC) assessment from PLTW and must receive at least a 4 on the EoC. (Ranges from 1-9 on the EoC).
  • No refunds granted for students who receive below 4 on the EoC assessment. (Similar to a student taking an AP exam and not receiving a refund if the student doesn't score high enough for college credit.)
  • The student's college transcript grade will be weighed in a 50/50 formula. EoC= 50% of the college grade and PLTW Assignments, Exams, Other Coursework = 50%

    College Credit Grade Calculation
    50% EOC, 50% school coursework
    EOC Score Percentage
    9 100
    8 96
    7 92
    6 88
    5 85
    4 81

Teachers: For instructions on submitting grades, click here.

PLTW has released sample End-of-Course (EoC) assessment items for teachers to use. These multiple-choice assessment items allow teachers and students to become familiar with the types of questions included in the EoC Assessment. Teachers are encouraged to use these items during the school year for classroom assessment and EoC Assessment preparation. Please note, these items do not represent the content spread of the EoC Assessment, but rather the type of items students will see on the exam. These items can be used in combination with your own items. They can be found as a .zip file located in the Assessment Resources module of the ongoing training course. The file can then be downloaded.

Project Lead The Way Colorado