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CU Succeed courses are taught in the high school by University-qualified high school teachers who hold an Honorarium Faculty Appointment in their appropriate discipline department at UCCS. To receive dual credit, learn more at CU Succeed.

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Summer 2016

HSCI 1080 CU1 3 Credits
Outdoor Adventure Fundamentals
Alison Nygren
Pine Creek HS Modular Classroom


Explores the foundations of adventure-based outdoor recreation. Students will learn techniques for enjoying outdoor environments. Topics include: navigation, weather patterns, wilderness travel, camping, backpacking, food, clothing, ethics, mental preparation, judgment and decision making. Information is taught in the classroom and in the field. A three-day expedition is required of all students enrolled.

* Payment is due by July 13th. Late payments will be subject to late fees.
7/11/16 - 7/29/16
Class #21789