Forms used in the processes controlled by the Office of Sponsored Programs.
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Budget Template budget template.doc

Proposal Routing Form - REQUIRED for all grant and contract proposals

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proposal routing form.doc

Proposal Routing Form PDF





Proposal Routing Form Addenda (as needed)

Cash Contribution Addendum cash_ctr_addm.doc
In-Kind Contribution Addendum  inkind_ctr_addm.doc
Additional Space/Facilities Addendum  additional_space_facility.doc
Appointment Agreement Addendum routing_appt_addendum_form_web.doc
Differential F&A Distribution Addendum diff_fa_distrib_addm.doc
Petition to Conduct Restricted, Proprietary and/or Classified Projects petition_to_conduct_restricted_projects.doc

Other Proposal Forms

PI Eligibility Request pi_eligibility_request.doc
Student Pay Classification Distinguishing between participants and employees
Subrecipient Classification Subcontractor vs Contractor
Subrecipient Commitment - Complete if Subcontracts are Proposed subrecipient_commitment_form.doc


Institutional Prior Approval Request prior_approval_request.doc
Subrecipient Classification Subcontract vs. Contractor
Request for Subrecipient/Subcontract Agreement or Amendment to Existing Subrecipient/Subcontract Agreement subcontract_request.doc


Miscellaneous Agreement Approval Form Miscellaneous_Agreement_Approval

Export Control

Export Control I-129 VISA Application WorkSheet UCCS I-129 H1-B Form

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Confidential Disclosure Agreement, Both Parties

Confidential Disclosure Agreement Both Parties