Family & Guests at Transfer Orientation

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Every on-campus or out-of state UCCS orientation has a supplemental parent and family program designed to also help you, a parent, family member, or supporter.

Each orientation will begin with students and family members together for the first half of orientation. We will then separate students and guests for the second half of orientation to provide specific information for the different groups. While students meet with the academic advising team and register for classes, parents and family members will engage in a supplemental program intentionally designed to assist you with your own unique questions and concerns related to having your student go to college.

In order to ensure that you are prepared for the Parent and Family portion of orientation, please complete the following items prior to arriving on campus:

  1. Come prepared with a list of questions. Our staff will be available throughout the day, and we want to ensure that you leave feeling comfortable and excited about your student's transition to UCCS. 
  2. Be prepared to spend the afternoon of orientation away from your student. Helping your student to be independent is difficult. We understand this. We also know that you cannot be with your student in classes. To help your student begin to learn the UCCS campus and connect other new students, we separate our student and parent orientations so that each of you can learn what you need to be prepared for. 
  3. Remind your student to do everything on the student checklist. First-year, transfer, and military and veteran students have different items they need to take care of prior to orientation. If your student needs help, have your student contact the Orientation Office at  
  4. Enjoy the experience! Orientation is busy and full of information, but it's a fun day for you to learn more about your student's academic pursuit. We will do our very best to make sure that when you leave UCCS, you will feel confident that your student made the right choice to attend here.

Parents and family members do not need to register to attend their student's orientation. On the reservation form, please have your student list how many guests will be attending the orientation.

Due to space limitations, we kindly ask that no more than two guests per student attend the orientation. 

Parent participation is optional. While parents and guests are welcome to attend orientation, guests and their students will be separated during the second half of the program for specific presentations designed for their respective group. 

Students attending orientations have different needs and questions than parents. We have designed our orientations to reflect this, and we believe that this will be the best experience for both students and parents.