Program Description

The Ombuds Program was constituted to provide students, staff, administrators, professional staff, and faculty with voluntary, informal, neutral, confidential, third-party assistance in resolving University issues, concerns, or conflicts.

The responsibilities for the Ombuds Program will be executed by the Program Director who will serve as a source of information with respect to University rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. The Program Director may make recommendations he/she deems appropriate with regard to resolving problems or improving policies, rules, or procedures. However, he/she shall have no actual authority to impose remedies or sanctions, or to enforce any policy, rule, or procedure.

Ombuds personnel are selected through a process which seeks individuals willing and able to fulfill the Standards of Practice of the International Ombuds Association. Ombuds shall serve as trained volunteer ombuds under the direction of the ombuds Program Director, and will fulfill annual program requirements for continuing training as determined by the Director. Their work as ombuds shall be subject to periodic review by the Director and the Chancellor.

Serving as an ombuds is considered as fulfilling a University service requirement similar to serving on a major University standing committee.