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All Faculty accounts are automatically assigned a network drive which has both Inbox and Outbox functionality. the Inbox and Outbox folders can be used to share materials. All Faculty In and Outboxes can be found at \\enterprise.uccs.edu\faculty\


  • The Inbox allows any UCCS user to put files in but it only allows the owner of the folder; the Faculty member, to see all the files that are in the folder.
  • The Outbox can be accessed by any UCCS user so a faculty member could put a file in their Outbox and any UCCS user could see the file in the folder.
  • The Inbox and Outbox can be accessed from off campus; look in the Documentation section of this page for instructions on how to do that.


The In/Outbox could be used instead of Blackboard (The main educational file access for faculty members) when they deal with file types that blackboard may have issues with. (ie. Programming Files). The Inbox and Outbox option can be an alternative for when Blackboard will not accept a particular file type.

Who May Use This Service?


What Do I Need To Get This Service?

Be a current Faculty member.

What Is Included With This Service?

The In/Outbox is available as soon as a Faculty members account is created.

When Is Support Available For This Service?

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