El Pomar Labs


El Pomar Computing Lab is available for all current students, faculty and staff to utilize for academic pursuits.


  • 220 PCs
  • 20 Macs
  • Paw Prints Black/White Laser Printers
  • Paw Prints Mobile Printing Release Station
  • Computer Assistance Desk
  • Assistive Technology Lab


This computer lab is available during all library hours and provides access to software, printing and general lab support.

Who May Use This Service?

Students, Faculty and Staff

What Do I Need To Get This Service?

El Pomar Center room 239 Reservations

The UCCS IT department schedules ad hoc reservations for El Pomar Center (EPC), room 239. This page contains reservation guidelines and the procedure for making a reservation request.

Before making a reservation request, please read all the instructions on this page and check our calendar for room availability. Incomplete reservation requests will not be accepted. Please email requests to complabs@uccs.edu. Reservation requests are typically answered within 2 business days.

Ad-hoc request guidelines:

  • All reservations are made on a first come first served basis.
  • Reservations must be for administrative training, student recruitment, or library instruction.
    • Reservations must be for sessions requiring the use of computers.
  • Please confirm the software you wish to use is supported in the classroom you have selected.
  • Requests for additional software installation must be made at least one month in advance, see our policies for more information.

Questions to answer when making a reservation request:

1. What activities are planned during your reservation request?
2. How many people will be in the classroom?
3. Do you have any special software requirements?
4. What day and time are you requesting EPC 239?

Instructions for checking classroom availability:

  1. Check the availability for EPC 239 on the Office 365 calendar (user name and password required).
  2. Email your request to complabs@uccs.edu.  (You cannot enter reservations directly into the calendar).

Khan computer lab configuration and capacity:

Room Workgroup Layout Stations1 OS
239 Khan Rows 36 Windows

1 Participant seating capacity is listed. The room also has an instructors station at the podium.

How Do I Get Started?

The service becomes available with the creation of their account

How Do I Get Training For This Service?

Using the AV Components

The Smart Classroom Podium


Using the Podium PC


Using a Laptop


How to fix an image that won't display


How to fix sound issues


Using Pic Mute and Freeze



Dwire Burned Media

Dwire Doc Cam




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