Matlab is a visualization software program developed by Mathworks. The company further describes it as a product that can be used for "... modeling energy consumption to build smart power grids, developing control algorithms for hypersonic vehicles, analyzing weather data to visualize the track and intensity of hurricanes, and running millions of simulations to pinpoint optimal dosing for antibiotics..." Our licensing now allows for Matlab to be available for download on student computers. 

Who May Use This Service?

Active UCCS Students

How Do I Get Started?

If you are an engineering student, please reference Engineering IT's Knowledge Base for further setup information. 

All other students may use the OIT Help Desk Knowledge Base for further setup information.

How Long Does It Take To Get This Service?


When Is Support Available For This Service?

Support for licensing is available during posted help desk hours. 

Limited support is also provided for installation during these times. 

How Do I Change Or Stop This Service?

Uninstall the product from your computer.

MathWorks customer support can delete your account, if preferred.

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