WebEx is a suite of products composed of Meeting Center, Event Center, Support Center, and Training Center that provide online meetings, web conferencing, and video conferencing service on most devices.

Please click the following link for the login page: Staff and Faculty Login.


  • Video conferencing from any device
    • Almost any device can join the conference. From the Windows OS to Mac's OSX.
      • Mobile devices can connect to meetings but the functionality for mobile devices is not as robust as those on computers. The help desk can assist with logging into these mobile applications but does not support functionality beyond that point.
  • Integration with Outlook and Jabber
    • Schedule meetings in Outlook
  • Share applications or whole screen
  • Record meetings (audio and video)
  • Quick Launch of Private Meetings

Who May Use This Service?

Faculty and Staff.

When Is Support Available For This Service?

  • Posted IT Help Desk hours
  • WebEx Support 24/7

How Do I Change Or Stop This Service?

The service is no longer available when your status at UCCS changes from active Faculty or Staff member.

Which WebEx Product is Right for Me?

Meeting Center:

Present information, share applications, and collaborate on projects. Streamline the meeting process with a centralized space for managing activities and information.


Event Center:

Stage large-scale online events.


Support Center:

Deliver efficient, personalized customer service and IT support.


Training Center:

Deliver highly interactive and effective online training and e-learning.


*Detailed Product Comparison at the following link: Product Comparison.

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