Blackboard Collaborate and IM


An instant messaging and video chatroom service that allows the user to collaborate with others within a given instant messaging  class. This includes student to student interaction as well as interaction between the instructor and students. 


The tools included in this program are as follows:  

  • One on one instant messaging
  • One on one video chatting 
  • Collaboration  

Collaboration is a tool that incorporates the following features:  

  • Whiteboard for sharing text, drawings, and presentations
  • Screen sharing 


Allows for real time communication while working within an online platform. 

Who May Use This Service?

Faculty, Instructors, and others with the Instructor designation in Blackboard can request the inclusion of Blackboard Collaborate. Students will be given the option to download and install the client if it is incorporated into the course.

What Do I Need To Get This Service?

As an instructor you need to have an active course in Blackboard.

As a student you need to be enrolled in a class that is currently using Blackboard Collaborate.

How Do I Get Started?

Information on Blackboard Collaborate can be found at FRC-Blackboard Collaborate

When Is Support Available For This Service?

  • Blackboard has a 24/7 Online Support Center which can be reached from the following link: 24/7 Online Support
  • Faculty Resource Center (FRC) by clicking on the following link: FRC Hours
  • Posted IT Help Desk hours 
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