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The Process of Making a Video with Media Services

A promotional video is a great way to promote your services on your website, in email marketing and other marketing opportunities. Media Services can create this for you. This video will fill you in on the fun, collaborative process of creating a video and what your role in that process will be. Watch this video and start thinking about the purpose of your video, the takeaways for your viewers and then give us a call and let the brainstorming begin.


Creative Video Form

If you are interested in a video for your area please fill out this form to help us help you.

Broadcast Educational content

Broadcasting of eligible educational content on University cable station

Promotional Video Production

Shoot and edit promotional videos for UCCS colleges and departments

Event capture

Video capture of an event/speaker on campus


Different rooms that Media Services is responsible for.


Teleconferencing services in designated rooms in the El Pomar Center

Memberships and Subscriptions

Various memberships and subscriptions that Media Services uses that you can take advantage of.

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