March 1, 2019 - Newsletter

GIS map
   Sample of GIS Map

Over the past four months, OIT has been developing an infrastructure to manage and record data concerning the rapidly growing utility network around campus. Student employee, Jack Hardwick, has been tasked with capturing highly accurate GPS data as to where these campus utilities lie as well as the attributes associated with them in order to provide an authoritative source of information to the many UCCS teams here on campus.

Using a Trimble R1 GPS unit, an iPad, and ArcGIS Online, Jack is bringing UCCS up to speed with other universities and businesses by capturing our institutional knowledge and ultimately developing tools that will make workflows easier and more efficient. For OIT, these tools revolve around our massive communications network that provides high-speed internet to everyone on campus. Managing these lines and determining where our network is capable of handling new fiber runs is essential to the daily services we provide. During OIT’s research and development of this project, it became clear that this infrastructure could provide tools to numerous departments around campus outside of OIT. Stay tuned in to hear about the exciting applications OIT is developing for you, your peers, and staff and faculty across the university.

Our Telecom team is excited to announce the testing of Cisco Unity Connection Web Inbox - the self-service portal for your voicemail needs! Access your voicemail, reset your PIN, turn your alternate (vacation) greeting on or off, all through the convenience of the web!

To access this service simply visit the Unity website through your on-campus connection or VPN and use your UCCS credentials, if prompted. Once logged in, users can listen to and delete voicemails from the main page. Clicking on the “Settings” option will launch a new tab where you can reset your PIN, adjust your message playback speed (which affects playback speed of messages listened to through the phone), and adjust some greeting settings. At this time, the ability to record greetings over the web is not currently available.  Visit our knowledge base for further instructions. 

Please note, that only the users themselves are able to log in and a delegate will not have access to their accounts. Please send feedback to

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