February 1, 2019 Newsletter

OSB and Clock Tower


Pilot testing will begin on February 7, 2019, for the Outdoor Wireless Project. 

The 12 for 12 password requirement change is less than one month away.

UCCS Downtown uses a variety of technology and room layouts to create unique learning, meeting and collaboration spaces. There are three unique areas in the room which each provide a different function for various needs of end users. All spaces use a wireless presentation device, a Dell touch screen monitor with a built-in PC, and an easy to use touch screen to control each system programmed by UCCS OIT Staff.

A collaboration space is available which allows students to collaborate on tasks before, after and between classes.

Dell touch screen monitor with a built-in PC

Collaboration Space with ADA adjustable height mount

A video conference room has been designed to use any soft codec we have installed on the PC. With the built-in PCs, that are in the Dell Touch Screens, users are able to use any unified communication platform. The echo canceling microphone, along with the speaker array system, provides an unforgettable and seamless experience.

A video conference room

Conference Room Telepresence system

The classroom space provides an easy to use presentation area which also includes a wide variety of additional uses as well. There are three presentation modes, with two different screens and an audio-only mode which utilizes a hidden Bose, state of the art, speaker system.

presentation area


presentation area

OIT supported classrooms will be getting a phone upgrade over Spring Break. Over eighty different rooms will be upgraded to Cisco 7841 phones. These four button phones will feature two-speed dials: Academic Support and Public Safety, and meet ADA standards once properly wall mounted.  The Academic Support team will be installing these new phones over Spring Break and is just one way that Unified Communications is providing consistency of telephony devices on campus.

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