June Meeting Recap

Ingeniux Users Meeting - Drupal Announcement
June 25th, 2015, 10:00am


Thank you to everyone that was able to come to our wCMS user group. The turnout was great to see and we hope that everyone was able to get questions answered and now have a better understanding on the direction we are headed. Please take a look at our Web Services page for Drupal so you can view the PowerPoint presentation that was showed as well as a few other items that we think are of use to you (timeline). Here is a brief recap of what was discussed outside the PowerPoint.

- We are going to Drupal as our new Web Content management system for UCCS.
- Web Services will offer training in group, individual and on demand settings.
- Web Services also offer a way for you to hire students that work for you but are housed in Web Services so you do not need to maintain or train specific students on an ongoing basis.


• Involve users with scheming?
- The plan is to design a base theme for all UCCS users and then as we progress we will get feedback from the Users group for feedback and requests regarding designs and modules.

• When should we be submitting tickets for modules?
- More information will be out as the progress moves forward but our expectation is in the Fall semester.

• HTML Editor, better?
-  The HTML editor in Drupal is much improved. Drupal has three levels of HTML editing - Basic, Restricted, and Full.  The Basic level will be fine for simple content and will function much like the Ingeniux HTML editor.  Restricted expands the number of HTML tags allowed but still limits what you can and can not use.  Full will allow those who are HTML wizards to do pretty much anything they could want with their markup.  

• Compare in Information Security?
- Being a dynamic content management system that is open source - yes risks will be higher. Patches and fixes are updated quickly though since many sites use Drupal.

• Back in workflows?
- This will be a module that we can look at once we are using Drupal 8 and it becomes available.

• Forecasted savings? Significant?
- The hope is that the cost savings of using an open source will be put back into professional development for Web Services staff since we will now be supporting the product in house.

• Flash?
- HTML 5 is recommended over Flash since iOS devices do not (and likely will never) support it.  If you're looking for technologies to replace flash, look to SVG and HTML5 <canvas> elements.  

• Policing of the content? Content quality and content strategies?
- Web Services creates a tool for users to create and maintain content. We will offer style guides and consult over content strategies as well as make content quality reports to help eliminate out dated content but will not be ‘policing content'.

• One Drupal instance for everyone?
- The hope is that we will have one project for all Drupal sites but will need to look at this further when the access controls are in place.

• Pattern libraries (templates), adding
- This is something we would like to incorporate into Drupal to help the end user make a professional looking website that makes sense as easy as possible.

• Appropriate for students?
- Yes students will still be able to access and work on Drupal websites.

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