April 26, 2019 Newsletter

Brandon Poulliot recently served as a member of the technical team and presented at the annual eLearning ConsortiumPoulliot_Brandon of Colorado (eLCC) conference in Breckenridge, Colorado. His presentation on utilizing the application programming interface (API) to expand end-user abilities within learning management systems like Canvas was warmly received and garnered lively discussion amongst the attendees. The session, From OMG to API: An LMS Admin Journey, focused on learning the basics of API technology and documentation as well as building a toolbox of resources for building and executing API calls for users of all abilities.

The conference, in its 30th year, represents a wide variety of regional higher education interests from community colleges and four-year universities across Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. The conference – and eLCC as an organization – emphasizes the support of higher education through the intentional use of a variety of technologies with participants and presenters from LMS admins to instructional designers to faculty. As UCCS holds an institutional membership to eLCC, staff and faculty are encouraged to participate throughout the year in eLCC opportunities and submit to and attend the annual conference!


This 90-minute "come when you want" session will kick off with a thirty-minute training on Microsoft Planner, continue with thirty-minutes of OIT updates, and the remainder of the time will be for staff and faculty to ask questions. Come for all ninety minutes or just the thirty-minutes in which you would find beneficial. 

Planner training at Bytes

The Application Development and Support (ADS) team has created an Application Review Board. The intent of this committee is to serve our campus by helping departments identify needs or develop software solutions. The committee will review requests made from those who are acting on behalf of a department or college, not individual requests. Requestors can send an email to proapps@uccs.edu with the following questions answered: 

  • What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  • Do you already have a solution in mind? If so, what is it?
  • Who is the main contact?
  • Who is the technical contact?
  • When would you like to deploy this new software? 

Once received, the committee will review the request and move forward as appropriate. 

This 60 minute, student-focused session will focus on results from the survey students took in March. Additionally, OIT Senior Leadership will discuss the new OneCard system, the outdoor Wi-Fi, and solicit information about the upcoming student experience app. All students are encouraged to attend. 

Student Bytes
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