"Coming to Colorado Springs has been quite a ride to say the least. It was so easy to adapt to a new place through NSE because of all the resources they make available to their students, whether activities to do on campus or any of the endless number of activities around the area.

I have been overwhelmed by just how much there is to do between the music scene, the mountain views/ hiking, and the night life in downtown CO Springs. I have enjoyed it so much that I am planning to relocate here after I graduate in the fall. Thank you UCCS and NSE!"

"I am really thankful for this program and what I have been able to do through it. Moving out here has let me experience things that I love and live this experience every day."

"Aloha, my name is Ballerina Olo (Rina) I'm an exchange student from the University of Hawaii at Hilo, majoring in Sociology and also a senior. Colorado wasn’t my first choice, but I have to say this is the best choice I've ever made.

I wish I applied right away when I heard NSE around campus when I was in Hilo, but I was hesitating if I should or should not. I am having an amazing time here, I get to experience new restaurants, be on my own, be independent, learn new languages and culture from other NSE students.

I just love it! People are so friendly, welcoming and kind it makes my stay here easier and not feel homesick. The outdoor activities are breath-taking and really exciting, the NSE Director (Margie) and Coordinator (Heidi) are such amazing people and they are really helpful with us being here and helping us in every way that they can. If I have another chance to do another exchange, I would be happy to do it again without hesitating this time. "

I was only a Sophomore at UCCS when I participated in the NSE program. I went to the New College of Florida, and studied marine biology, and it was a great learning experience. I met many great people, some of which I know I will stay friends forever, and learned a lot about the field I want to go into."