Noyce Program Overview

Three-phase overview of the UCCSTeach Noyce Scholarship Program
  • Phase 1 - Strategic Recruitment: Offer a series of recruitment activities to attract new teacher candidates to explore teaching as a career. These activities include paid "pre-ternships" which are opportunities for freshman and sophomores to work with K-12 students from underrepresented populations
  • Phase 2 - Pre-Service Teacher Training: Augment the current UCCSTeach program courses with additional field-teaching experiences and structured professional learning communities led by experienced mentor teachers from local school districts
  • Phase 3 - In-Service Teacher Support: Establish a supportive and comprehensive network of resources designed to support new Noyce teachers

Partner K-12 School Districts
The UCCS Noyce Scholarship program has partnered with the following local school districts: Colorado Springs School District (D-11), Harrison School District (D-2), and Falcon School District (D-49).

Pre-Ternship Opportunities
Coming Soon!

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