Frequently Asked Questions

Paid opportunities for freshman and sophomores to work with K-12 students from underrepresented populations.

Visit the UCCS Scholarship page, click here for the undergraduate scholarship award or click here for the post-bacc award.

If you are an undergraduate student you must be a junior or senior with a degree plan of study in STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, or Math. If you are a post-bacc your degree should also be in STEM.

The scholarship application for UCCS opens on December 1st of each academic year and closes on March 1st.

A professional learning community is a structured network of experienced teachers providing mentoring over time which includes workshops, study groups, mentoring experiences, opportunities for teachers to view other teachers in action, and various other learning interactions.

The best contact for more information is or

No, but you will need to stay in contact with UCCS if you do leave the city/state.

It will generally take 2 years for a post baccalaureate student to get teaching credential through the UCCSTeach program. However, each case is different and it is best to contact the UCCSTeach office regarding your situation. Undergraduate students can get their degree and teaching credentials in four years.