Campus Resources

The University Communications office is available for all employees and students. Browse the options below for additional information on the best way to share your message or event, or what to do when working with the media.


  • Communique - The primary news site for UCCS.
    • Stories are tagged by each involved unit, which can then be used to distribute specific information to a unit's website. Contact Jared Verner for the code needed to generate a dedicated feed for your unit.
  • Media tracking - University Communications maintains a comprehensive list of traditional media coverage that involves UCCS faculty, staff, students and events.
  • Events calendar - The most comprehensive listing of events at UCCS. Anyone on campus can submit events, but keep in mind, they need to be intended for a wide audience.
    • Like Communique stories, events can be tagged so that it can generate specific feeds on certain websites. Contact Jared Verner for instructions on how to embed the code on your website.
  • Style guide - A standard set of names for campus buildings, colleges, departments and other commonly used names at UCCS.
  • Filming on campus - These guidelines apply to media outlets, professional film and production companies, non-professional parties not affiliated with UCCS, and filming done by faculty, staff and students.
  • Social media - University Communications manages the institutional-level accounts, and works to support the more than 250 accounts on campus. 

Related Resources (outside of University Communications)

  • Marketing - Contact University Marketing if you want to run a campaign like mass marketing, brand building and direct marketing. The office can also help with production coordination, brand management, trademark licensing and photography coordination.
  • Media Services - Contact Media Services if you want to create a high-end promotional video or to arrange event capture.
  • Auxiliary Services Marketing - This office works with revenue-generating units on campus and supports on-campus and student-centered initiatives.
  • University Center - If you're an outside organization, the University Center has resources related to reserving tables and rooms.


University Communications can plan out as far as you do, but for best results, it's best to reach out to our staff 3-4 weeks before your anticipated publish date. The editorial calendar is typically "locked in" two weeks out.

The office produces two summaries of Communique each week. A student version is sent Wednesday night and an employee version is sent Friday morning. Staff also work closely with the Office of Alumni Relations and the CU system on their newsletters, but editorial control remains with those groups.

Media Relations

University Communications staff work directly with local reporters, editors and directors to help pitch and distribute stories about individual and group achievements, and about campus events. The office also has resources to reach reporters at the regional, national and international level. Communications staff members also serve as university spokespersons. Employees and students can reach out to University Communications on how to respond to media inquiries.


Jared Verner

Jared Verner
Director of Communications
(719) 255-3732 (office)
(719) 648-6275 (cell)

Bradley Benedetti

Bradley Benedetti
Social Media Specialist
(719) 255-3740