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Alumni and Friends of CU:

We are happy to announce that the State of Colorado and the CU Alumni Association?s are ready to kick off the new CU License plate program.  Below is the simple, three-step process to get your CU plates.

Step #1

Complete the enclosed application and send it with your check to the address printed on the back of the application.  The scholarship donation for Alumni Association members is $50. Please call the Alumni Association at (719) 262-3180 if you are unsure of your membership status.

Step #2

Approximately 2 weeks after receiving your application and payment, the Alumni Association will mail you an ?Alumni License Plate Approval Certificate?. This will assure the county clerk?s office that you have made the appropriate scholarship donation to the Alumni Association.

Step #3

Once you have received the approval certificate from the Alumni Association you are eligible to purchase CU plates. Take your approval certificate, registration, and current vehicle plates to your local county clerk?s office. Non-personalized plates will be issued at that time.  You will pay the county clerk your standard license and registration fees plus a $25 fee.

NOTE: Due to popular demand, some of the clerk?s offices have a short supply or are temporarily out of stock.  For your convenience, we suggest calling your county clerk ahead of time. El Paso County: 719-520-6240; Adams County: 303-654-6010; Arapahoe County: 303-795-4500; Boulder County: 303-441-3510; Clear Creek County:303-679-2339; Denver County: 303-376-2200; Douglas County: 303-660-7440; Jefferson County: 303-271-8100. 

You must obtain the plates through the county in which you live.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Will one approval certificate cover all the vehicles in my household?

No. A scholarship donation must be made for each vehicle getting the plates. For example, if a husband and wife, both members, wanted plates on both cars they would owe $50 each ($100 total)

What if I want plates now but don?t need to renew until later in the year?

If you choose to get the plates in January but don?t renew until a later month; the cost will be pro-rated for the remaining amount.

How do I apply for personalized plates?

Request the ?Alumni Special License Plate Application? from the Alumni Association by checking the box on the enclosed application. Upon completion, submit the application and approval certificate to the Colorado Department of Revenue (complete instructions appear on the approval certificate).  Approval and manufacture of personalized plates can take up to three months. Ralphie will not appear on personalized plates.

How much do the plates cost?

$50 mandatory payment to the Alumni Association plus a one-time $25 fee to the county clerk plus your regular registration fees. A voluntary annual scholarship donation to the Alumni Association is encouraged after the initial payment.

Thank you for your interest in the new CU plates and for your support of student scholarships. Please contact our office if you have any questions. Go CU!

Office of Alumni Relations
P.O. Box 7150
Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7150
phone: (719) 262-3180 | fax: (719) 536-4498

1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO USA 80918, 719-262-3000,800-990-8227