Professional Opportunities for DREAMers

Professional Opportunities: 

  • The DREAM Summer Fellowship Program (DEADLINE: 02/15/18): Participants are placed within social justice based organizations for 10 weeks and work closely with their host organization to incorporate and strengthen the role of immigrant issues alongside the organization’s social justice work. Dream Summer fellows receive a $5,000 fellowship award for their participation in the program, leadership and professional development trainings, and become part of a national alumni network of 600+ individuals. To apply visit,

  • Education Pioneers Fellowship Program (DEADLINE: 02/15/18): Education Pioneers is a non-profit that recruits, develops, and connects top professionals to work for K-12 school districts, charter schools, and other education organizations in non-instructional roles.  They use their skills to transform education from outside of the classroom to ensure every student has access to opportunities and an excellent education. To apply visit,