Jesse Perez

Jesse Perez

Assistant Director, MOSAIC and LGBT+ Program Director

University Center 110B


Jesse Perez started at UCCS in 2006 as a first generation student from rural community in New Mexico and completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at UCCS. As a student, Jesse was involved in various multicultural student organizations focused on diversity and inclusion, including being an officer of the Student Diversity Council and Co-Chair of our campus' LGBTQIA organization Spectrum.

During his time at UCCS Jesse has held positions in the Pre-Collegiate Development Program, Center for Excellence in Communication, UCCS SoColo Reach Program, and Academic Advising. Jesse Perez also previously served as the Office Manager and Mentorship Program Coordinator for MOSAIC as a graduate student and was a member of the UCCS LGBTQ Taskforce that initiated the partnership between The Pikes Peak Gay and Lesbian Community Center (The PRIDE Center) and UCCS that led to the development of the LGBT Resource Center at MOSAIC. Outside of his staff duties, he also teaches a Gateway Program Seminar course, is the staff advisor for the campus' LGBTQ clubs (Spectrum and TRANSmission), and volunteers for various nonprofit organizations in the community aimed at providing resources and support for minoritized communities.