MOSAIC, formerly known as the Office of Student Multicultural Affairs (SMA), was created in 2003 with the primary purpose of advocating for the academic, personal, and social development of underrepresented ethnic minority students. As the campus grew and demographics shifted, there became an important need to expand our programming and resources to serve an increasingly diverse campus. SMA was re-envisioned to be MOSAIC in an effort to involve all students in multicultural educational programs. This was vital to building community and creating a more welcoming, inclusive campus environment for all. This model better represents the intersectional experiences of our students and promotes our belief that all students have a culture and deserve an inclusive learning environment.  

The primary purpose of MOSAIC is to advocate for the academic, personal, and social development of underrepresented students at UCCS. We accomplish this by valuing and specializing in building meaningful relationships with our students and serving as a safe and consistent support system for them as they discover and navigate their many social and cultural identities. Our goal is to help our students establish a sense of belonging and community on campus while validating their unique experiences as members of underrepresented communities.  

MOSAIC Provides: 

  • Advocacy, leadership development, mentorship, and social support for students from underserved communities with a special emphasis on serving ethnic minority, international, LGBTQ, and first generation students.  

  • Cultural/identity based education, workshops, programs, and events 

  • Community meeting and study space for students  

  • Opportunities for involvement in cultural/identity based student organizations and support groups 

  • Advising and mentorship for cultural/identity based student organizations in addition to the support provided by the Student Life and Leadership Office 

  • Advocacy and voice for students from underserved communities