Life After UCCS

What to Do After Graduation

Steps:To Do List:
Welcome to the Real World!
1 The Career You Want
2 The Next Career
3 Staying or Moving
4 How to live
5 Develop a Budget Plan
6 Pay off Debts
7 Create and Follow Financial Goals

What it Means to be On Your Own

When living on your own during your college years, your lifestyle is quite different than that of a working adult. Once college life is over, a wide range of responsibilities start to set in and you begin to realize what paying for all of your expenses, bills and loan repayments, really feels like. Being organized and responsible is more important at this stage of your life than ever. Making a budget, smart purchases, and planning ahead are necessities whether you’ve worked on those areas before or not.

Life After College; Four Rules for the Real World

Revisiting Needs and Wants

Now’s the time to go back over any plans you made and lifestyle changes you made to live more efficiently as a college student, and apply those concepts to your post-college lifestyle. Whether you have a quality job lined up or not, revisiting and updating your needs and wants will help you transfer to the professional world with little financial concern.

Starting Salaries Rise for New Grads

Whatever situation you find yourself in financially, most often you will benefit by continuing to live like a college student which will help to take care of the debts occurred during school, as well as continuing to manage finances as efficiently as possible.

Could you Survive on Fast Food Wages?

Communicating with Lenders

Use your six month loan interest grace period to prepare for your first loan payment. Waiting until you get your first bill to start budgeting and planning is not recommended. Start communicating with your lender upon graduation so you know what to expect and can create a budget for the payments awaiting you.

Loan Repayment

If you have not already been made aware, there is a 6 month grace period following graduation before your loan payments will begin to start. It is critical to be proactive far before your 6 month grace period is up and you continue your lifestyle living as a college student and making good financial decisions.

Check out the UCCS Office of Financial Aid, Student Employment and Scholarships page to get a better idea of what to expect during repayment periods.

Managing your Student Loans

Paying Off Loans Sooner Than Later

Once you create a budget in preparation for your first loan repayment, you can decide whether it makes sense to pay down on the loans before they start or if you can pay more than your minimum payment required.

Career Development

Refer back to the College in Colorado resources to explore careers and learn more about what skills you possess for certain careers. Building a professional profile is essential before applying to jobs in your career path. College in Colorado provides numerous resources to help you explore careers and build your resume and cover letters for those interviews.

Career Planning

Here you can learn about yourself, explore careers, and refine your interview skills to help land that job. When exploring careers you're interested in, the database available allows you to search for specific careers and gives you valuable information in relation to your specific career.

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