Veterans Explore Colorado (VEC)


Veterans Explore Colorado


Veterans Explore Colorado (VEC) is an outdoor program specifically designed for veterans here at UCCS.  UCCS has a large population of those who are military affiliated and we understand that the needs of this population are different compared to more traditional students.  This program has some distinctive features:   

  1. Events coordinated through VEC are done by veterans for veterans - This allows UCCS veterans to explore Colorado with former service members, creating an open atmosphere where social barriers are not needed.  The goal is to create an environment where veterans can just be themselves amongst fellow service members.
  2. Route planning and route reconnaissance for the events are VERY thorough - Many of our veterans here at UCCS have disabilities and it is the goal of the program to make sure that any event that could have the potential to aggravate a disability is communicated ahead of time.   
  3. Free time to take in nature - Every VEC event will have a minimum of 30 minutes to take in nature by yourself. During this time participants can listen to music, talk to a fellow participant, or simply take in the beauty that is Colorado. 

If you have any questions or have any events that you would like to see the program do, please do not hesitate to email the program coordinator Ryan Dobbs at