SALUTE is the only national honor society recognizing and honoring the service and the scholastic achievements of student veterans.

To SALUTE is to acknowledge, congratulate, pay respects, and recognize. These terms are synonymous with what SALUTE National hopes to do for our members who have shown courage, strength, leadership, excellence, and perseverance in their military endeavors and now are showing that same commitment to their academic careers.

The students who are inducted into SALUTE represent every slice of American military and veterans in higher education, at two and four-year institutions. Members include retirees, disabled veterans, active duty military, National Guard and reservists returning to higher education, starting second careers, or helping fund their college careers with military service.

SALUTE was formed in 2009 by the Colorado State University Veterans Office thanks to a grant by the American Council of Education and Wal-Mart Foundation. Now, there are over 230 chapters as part of the society, and nearly 12,000 student veterans have been inducted!

Each chapter symbolizes not only the collective achievement of veterans bettering themselves through the pursuit of knowledge, but also our commitment as a group to honor those among us that are the tip of the spear across the nation.  

We are continuing our history and the success of student leaders by sanctioning them to continue to serve. Each scholar will forever be members of our society and be the role models for the student veterans that follow them. They have a duty going forward for making this honor society, and the UCCS chapter, something that promotes achievement by all student veterans now and in the future. The growth of our society shows the dedication of our military and veteran population when it comes to academics.



One-time payment for lifetime membership

A certificate and military-style challenge coin commemorating the individual’s membership in SALUTE and their specific level of academic achievement

Opportunities to network as well as receive and give assistance to fellow members

Purchase graduation regalia to demonstrate their academic achievements as veterans

Participate in future SALUTE programs



$35.00 fee for initial membership

$10.00 additional fee for upper mobility of GPA tiers; This will allow the member to have more scholarship opportunities (certain qualifications may apply)



All undergraduate students selected for induction to SALUTE must meet the following criteria (for graduate students, please see section below):

 A) Qualify as military/veteran student under locally-derived and maintained definitions. Applicant must submit a DD-214 Member 4 copy that displays the character of service (honorable discharge).  Applicants currently serving on active duty or in the Guard or Reserves must submit a copy of orders for their current duty assignment. 

 B) Be currently enrolled as a student, and have a minimum of 12-course credits, for undergraduates

 C) The undergraduate GPA tiers are broken down according to the following:

Alpha Tier GPA: 3.75 - 4.00

Bravo Tier GPA: 3.50 - 3.74

Charlie Tier GPA: 3.25 - 3.49

Delta Tier GPA: 3.00 - 3.24

Grade Point Averages may not be rounded.

D) Graduate Students need to have completed 9 credit hours, hold at least a 3.5 GPA, and will be classified as "SALUTE Gold Member"

E) Maintain the highest ethical standards


Please contact the VMA Outreach Team at 719-255-3666 or for questions

SALUTE Application