Peer Advisors for Veteran Education (P.A.V.E) Program




Peer Advisors for Veteran Education (PAVE) Program is a peer support program that connects incoming student veterans with student veterans already on campus in order to help them navigate college life, identify challenges they are facing, refer them to the appropriate resource on or off campus, and provide ongoing support to their academic and personal ventures.

As a Peer Advisor, you help fellow student veterans on campus connect with resources and services appropriate to their needs and provide them with support throughout their transition to college. Peer Advisors are matched with incoming student veterans and work to ensure that their concerns and questions are being addressed. Students may ask you common questions about classes, professors, and academic schedules, but they may also share concerns outside of academia, such as employment problems and financial issues. Your experience as a student veteran will be key in connecting with them and providing them with the support and linkage to the resources that will help them meet their academic and personal goals.

For more information, please email Tim Little at or call our office: 719-255-3253.

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