Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs


  • Veteran Friendly Instructor - Veterans function best in a safe and secure environment. This document provides information and guidelines for conducting your class in a veteran friendly way, given the common struggles and civilian transitional issues that veterans of the Global War on Terror face.
  • From Combat to Classroom - A majority of today's veterans have deployed to a war zone to perform a function that either directly involved combat or indirectly supported combat operations. The purpose of this resource is to provide an overview of what veterans may experience, including: post-deployment issues, metal health, substance abuse, and how to communicate in the classroom environment.
  • VETS Resource Packet - This packet was designed to provide resources to faculty and staff, to include specific tools, links, and contact information to facilitate improvement of student veteran support, and a packet of information specific to working with students that are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress.
  • Military Syllabi Information - The following statement should be included in all faculty syllabi:  "Military students who have the potential to participate in military activities including training and deployment should consult with faculty prior to registration for any course, but no later than the end of the first week of classes."  
  • Digital Veteran Stories