Enrollment Certification

This page contains information for our continuing students using VA Education Benefits

If you are new student who is planning on attending UCCS but have not yet completed the admissions process, please start HERE.


Please remember that all students are ultimately responsible for their tuition.  Turn in your paperwork early to avoid late fees.


Late fees are not covered by the VA.  Please contact the Bursar's Office for further information.      


If you plan to drop a course please read this FIRST!


Please review the Chapter 33 Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) Explanation


Your REV can now be submitted for processing through your UCCS Student Portal

Please be patient as we integrate this new system to improve our services to you!  


You must submit a new REV for each term you are using your benefit, after you enroll in classes.


For any questions or concerns, please call our office at 719-255-3253 or email military@uccs.edu.  Please click here for directions to our center. 


You must be enrolled in classes before submitting your REV.

Submit an REV for each term you plan to use your benefit.


Log into your UCCS Portal

  1. Click on the Records and Registration tab (upper left section of the page)

  2. Then select Veterans Benefit Enrollment

  3. Complete the form that will open in a new window.

    • Please read through each page carefully, ensure all fields are properly addressed.

    • Fields with a red star are required fields.

    • If you have already turned in your eligibility document (COE) .


Check your UCCS email periodically for updates.



If you plan to drop a course please read this FIRST!

  • Basic rule of thumb for dropping courses after the start of term, and after your enrollment has been certified: you will owe money to the school, the VA, or both.


For your entire enrollment to be certified for VA Education payment - All courses must apply to your program. 

  • Courses that do not apply to your program will not be certified for payment

  • Please, contact academic advising if you are uncertain about your enrollment


Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) from the VA is first determined by your rate of pursuit.

  • For Chapter 33 Post 9/11 the monthly allowance is also determined by the percentage of your benefit

  • Rate of pursuit is calculated for each certified enrollment period

    • Enrollment periods are determined by the start and end dates of your classes

    • Full time for fall and spring (16 week terms): 12 credits for undergraduate and 5 credits for graduates

    • Full time for summer (8 week terms): 6 credits for under graduates and 2.5 credits for graduates

    • If you classes have different enrollment dates - contact the OVMSA for questions about how this may effect your monthly allowance


Chapter 33 and Chapter 31 students who are entirely online will not receive their regular living allowance.

  • Chapter 33: fully online receives 1/2 the national average, currently about $840 for full time enrollment

  • Chapter 31, Voc Rehab: Consult your Voc Rehab Counselor about MHA for online enrollment


Term Certification is also referred to as Enrollment Verification. 

  • Please complete a Request for Enrollment Verification (REV) EVERY term you attend UCCS and use VA education benefits

  • The REV must be submitted AFTER you have enrolled in classes for the coming term/semester


To use benefits while attending UCCS, the student must be a regularly matriculated student and all classes must directly apply to the program/major. 



We cannot process an REV for the following reasons (please contact our front desk at 719-255-3253 or email military@uccs.edu)

  1. If you have not yet enrolled in class

  2. You are a new student and have not yet competed New Student Intake in our office

  3. If our office needs a Primary/Parent School Letter - if UCCS is the Guest School

  4. Yellow Ribbon appointment has not been scheduled (non-resident or WUE students on the CH33 Post 9/11 Yellow Ribbon Program, only)

  5. Chapter 31 Voc Rehab status is pending for the coming term

    • If you have recently applied for and intend to use VOC-Rehab for the coming term, please do not submit your REV until you have met with your Voc Rehab counselor and are sure of your status

    • Your VRC should send your eligibility document to our office 

  6. If you are missing any paperwork such as a Change in Program Form of proof of your benefit eligibility.

  7. If you are enrolled in one or more courses that do not apply to your degree plan

    •  Per VA Policy the School Certifying Official (SCO) will not certify courses that do not apply

    • Contact your UCCS Academic Advisor to review your enrollment

  8. If this is your third term as an Unclassified  - non degree seeking student



If you are new student this term (transfer student), please go to:


If you are a continuing student, and you plan to change majors, please fill out the appropriate form below. 

  • Print, sign, and email it to military@uccs.edu

    • Fry Scholarship and Ch. 35 DEA: VA Form 22-5495

    • Chapter 30, Chapter 33, and Chapter 1606: VA Form 22-1995

    • Chapter 31 - Voc. Rehab.: Requires a new VA Form 28-1905

      • You must contact your Voc Rehab counselor

      • Do not submit any other documentation



If you plan on attending another school while simultaneously attending UCCS, and UCCS is your degree granting school:

  • Complete a Parent School Letter and submit it to your Guest School. 

  • If UCCS is the Guest School, then we will require a Parent School letter from the school granting your degree.


If you have not applied for your benefit, select the link appropriate for instructions


Complete New Student Intake with our Processing Team. 

  • Call our offices at 719-255-3253, or come by the center for more information.

  • If you have not done so, please bring in or email your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).