Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs


The call to active duty presents an extreme hardship upon our students.  In an effort to assist those students who are called to active duty, the campus has compiled the following guidelines:

The schedule of courses is published every semester and includes this information.  You can request a printed copy from the Admissions and Records Office, 719-255-3361 or You can also pick up a copy of the schedule from the office, Main Hall Room 108 or visit the on-line schedule at //

If you will need to miss just a few class sessions, work with your individual course faculty in advance. Explain the situation.  If you will miss class, make arrangements to cover the materials or make up any exams that might be missed. If the instructor has a grading policy which requires attendance, confirm the policy and how it may impact your final grade. Faculty will work with students on an individual case-by-case basis.

TIPS:  If appropriate, ask a fellow classmate to take notes and provide you with copies for the courses you will miss.  If the class has a study group, ask members of your study group to brief you on material covered in class during your absence.

Don't just miss class without letting your faculty know why you are not able to attend.  Most classes require attendance.

Up until the 12th day of a term*, you can drop and add courses via the Student Online Center and the web registration system. You will received a 100% refund (minus any nonrefundable fees) for courses dropped online by this deadline.

If you need to drop a course after the deadline, you will need to obtain a drop form from the Admissions and Records Office.  Complete the form and have it approved by the course instructor.  If you are receiving veterans benefits or financial aid, each of those offices will need to approve the form.  The completed form will needs to be submitted to the Admissions and Records office where it will be receipted and processed. You will be provided a copy of the drop form to retain for your records.

* Note: Special academic & financial deadlines apply to short courses (those fewer than 8 weeks in the summer, 16 weeks in the fall and spring). Check with Admissions and Records or see page 118 for details.

Up until the 12th day of a term, you can withdraw via the Student Online Center and the web registration system. You will receive a 100% refund (minus any nonrefundable fees) for withdrawals made online by this deadline.

If you need to withdraw for the term (drop all courses) after the term census (close of registration) date, you will need to obtain the proper withdrawal form from the Admissions and Records office, your academic dean’s office or the Student Success Help Center. Information about withdrawing and refund deadlines can be found in the schedule of courses. Completed forms need to be returned to the Admissions and Records office.  If you are receiving veterans benefits or financial aid, each of those offices will need to approve the form.  In addition, the form needs to be approved by the Bursar’s Office located in Main Hall on the second floor. You will be provided a copy of the drop form to retain for your records. The date the form is receipted by Admissions and Records will determine the amount of your refund.

*Note for students in the Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences:
If you are currently a nursing major and participating in clinicals, you will need to notify your clinical instructor and Dr. Kathy LaSala, 719-255-4411 or, as soon as possible to negotiate a Leave of Absence which will include an anticipated time of return.
If you are a Nursing Prep student and on the waitlist for the clinical portion of the program, you will need to let your Nursing Liaison/Advisor, 719-255-3260, know so that your spot on the clinical waitlist can be maintained with the original date of admission. 
If you are currently a Health Care Science student, you must inform Dr. Travis Peterson, 719-255-4466 or, and the Liaison/Advisor, 719-255-3260, in order that you will not be considered inactive.  Informing them will ensure you will be in line to return to your program under the original catalog year.

Students with special circumstances can appeal for a refund if dropping or withdrawing past the normal refund deadlines.  A written appeal and supporting documentation needs to be submitted, along with an appeal form, to the Admissions and Records Office.  Forms and information, including appeal criteria and deadlines, are available at the Admissions and Records Office.

When a student receiving federal financial aid withdraws from all of their classes after census date, the university has to return a portion of their aid to the lender and federal grant funds based upon the percentage of time the student has been enrolled and how much the allowable cost is for that semester. This action is independent of the Admissions and Records decision to refund tuition.  Admissions and Records could grant a student a 0% refund or a 100% refund and it would not affect the financial aid calculation.  Due to federal regulations, there are no stipulations made for military deployment in the return calculations determined by the Department of Education.  Our UCCS financial aid policy is dictated by federal regulations.  Military students who are deployed students do receive the benefit of a 3 year deferment on all their federal Stafford student loans.  The normal deferment period is 6 months for civilian students, and deployed students actually receive a 3-year deferment.  You will have to apply for this benefit through your lender.  The necessary forms and contact phone numbers are available on the Financial Aid website, //

If you are withdrawing from all your courses, complete a petition to withdraw from campus housing.  Petitions are available from the Summit Village residence Halls, 719-255-4042 or the Alpine Village Apartments, 719-255-6288.  Housing will ask you to provide a copy of your deployment orders.  More information is available at  You can expect to be charged for the time you were a resident in housing and be refunded the balance.  If you return to housing after your deployment, your application processing fee will be waived.

The Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) at UCCS is staffed to serve the needs of veteran students and eligible dependents.  The office is located in Forster House (east side of campus).  The office works with veterans, service personnel and dependents of deceased or disabled veterans who are entitled to benefits under Title 38, U.S. Code, Chapters 30, 32, 1606, & 35. For information regarding benefits, call 719-255-3253 or e-mail

Key contacts at UCCS for military students and their families:

Your Individual Faculty Members: It is always best to work with your individual faculty course faculty members when you have advanced notice of a military situation which could affect your class attendance.

Admissions and Records
: Regarding admission requirements, application processing, tuition classification and requirements, academic records/transcripts, enrollment verification and withdrawing from courses, 719-255-3361 or

Financial Aid: Applying for financial aid, financial aid eligibility and financial aid refunds, 719-255-3460.

Student Success Center: Academic advising, degree requirements and careers and new student orientation, 719-255-3260.

Student Recruitment: Admissions counseling, prospective student advising, campus tours, and special programs for prospective students, 719-255-3084.

Office of Veteran’s Affairs: Applying for VA benefits, certification of enrollment, liaison with Regional VA office and other benefit issues, 719-255-3253 or e-mail

Project Excel Centers: Private tutoring sessions to help students catch up with course material after deployment, proctoring of make-up exams, online tutoring during deployment, working with faculty to put together plans for completing missed assignments, 719-255-3688.