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Visit our Journal, Understanding and Dismantling Privilege (UDP) at

UDP is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal produced in a partnership between the Matrix Center and the annual White Privilege Conference. UDP publishes twice a year and its inaugural volume was published in 2010. UDP provides an interdisciplinary space to share research, teaching skills, and dialogue around issues of privilege and oppression. 

UDP accepts submissions in four different sections:

  • Research Articles: Original research in any area of privilege and social justice studies.
  • Tools & Strategies: Articles discussing innovative tools and strategies about teaching privilege and social justice, which disrupt privilege and advance equity. 
  • Creative Work & Self-Reflections: Various forms of artistic expression or introspective work in the area of privilege and social justice. 
  • Youth & Student Voices: Articles from young people (up through undergraduate school) in any of the categories listed above. 


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