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Our Work in Action

by Linda Lidov, President, Highland PR

Tre started coming out socially as transgender during college, and decided to
make the medical changes needed to help him present as male. With a deeper
voice and facial hair that formed his outward identity in the years that followed,
Tre’s transition had a profound impact on his life. And through it all, the positive
support Tre received at school made all the difference in the world.

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs created an open, supportive
learning environment, so much so that Tre was invited to visit other classrooms
as a guest speaker, participate in a campus-wide speaker series, and conduct
departmental trainings about topics related to sexuality and gender. When he
started teaching his own classes after graduate school, the support of his advisors
led him to openly discuss his transition with students.

Tre attributes his positive experience largely to the Matrix Center and is now a workshop facilitator
at both the White Privilege Conference (WPC) and Knapsack Institute.