Students, Parents, and Coordinating Math Teachers should read this carefully!

In addition to the mathematical prerequisites required for students to participate in MathOnline courses, there are a number of important characteristics that potential enrollees in the MathOnline program must possess. Our experience has shown that students who possess these characteristics have significantly greater potential for success in MathOnline courses than those who do not. Indeed, the failure rate (i.e., the percentage of students earning the grade D, F, or W) among students who lack any or all of these characteristics is quite high. Specifically, students, parents, and Coordinating Math Teachers should all agree that the following statements accurately describe the potential enrollee:

  1. The student shows strong independence in learning.
  2. The student completes all assignments within deadlines.
  3. The student takes responsibility for her/his education.
  4. The student does not ask for extensions or special considerations for course requirements.

The MathOnline course into which the student will enroll is a standard university course. As such, the grade and credits the student earns in this course will become part of the student's official University of Colorado academic record. Therefore, it is extremely important that the student earn a strong grade in this course.  For example, a grade of C- or below in a MathOnline course could prevent the student from being admitted to her/his university of choice, regardless of the student's high school GPA or college entrance exam scores. (At many colleges and universities, students must have a minimum 2.0 University GPA to be admitted, or to remain in good standing.)  Therefore, students who may be at risk of earning a grade lower than C should consider Disenrolling or Withdrawing from the course.