The Math Center offers several workshops for students, available upon request. The Problem-Solving workshop is a great way to explore and strengthen your problem-solving strategies, and learn strategies from your peers. We also offer a general Study Skills workshop in which you can learn some valuable tips for doing better in your math classes.

If you are looking for a refresher on a certain topic (for example, how to work with rational expressions, rules of logarithms,  or finding partial fractions decompositions, just to name a few), let us know below and we will put together a workshop tailored to your needs.

In order for a workshop to run, we need at least three students. So if there is a topic you have in mind, or you want to try one of our study skills or problem-solving workshops, grab a couple of your friends and sign up below! If you don't have a group of three, fill out the request anyway, and we will contact you when there are other students interested in the same topic.

To sign up, only one member of the group needs to fill out the form.

Which workshop would you like to attend? Please select one of the following: