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*NOTE: it takes up to 2 business days for your MPT placement score to sync to your Student Portal. You will not be able to register for a math course until this occurs. Please be aware that you will be retested on the same prerequisite material in the MPT during the first week of your math class.

Students in (or considering) the following degree plans must take a Math Placement Test:

  • BI degrees
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Business including Business Intent
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering including Engineering Intent
  • Health Care Sciences including Pre-Health Care Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Pre-Professional programs (pre-med, pre-vet, pre-dent etc.)
  • Psychology
  • Secondary Education options in Biol, Chem, Math & Physics

NOTE: If you do not plan to major in one of these areas, a Math Placement Test is not required to complete your reasoning skills requirements, but can be used as an option. See your Academic Advisor for questions.

Detailed Instructions for taking the Online MPT. If you need any accommodations regarding the test, please contact Disability Services at or 719-255-3354.

Registration takes approximately 20 minutes. Time limits on each test range from 30 to 45 minutes. Depending on your major and how well you score on each test, you may have to take multiple tests.

An account costs $12.00, which grants access to all tests and review materials.

For this test:
If You Score

MATH 99 Intermediate Algebra
  • 0-79% - Register for MATH 90
  • 80% or higher - Eligible for MATH 99, may also take College Algebra Placement Test

MATH 1040 College Algebra
  • 0-49% - Take MATH 99 Placement Test
  • 50-86% - Register for MATH 1040 – College Algebra, may also take Pre-Calculus Placement Test
  • 87% or higher - Eligible for MATH 1040, may also take Business Calculus Placement Test

MATH 1050 Pre-Calculus
  • 0-69% - Take College Algebra Placement Test
  • 70-86% - Register for MATH 1050 – Pre-Calculus
  • 87% or higher - Eligible for MATH 1050, may also take Calculus Placement Test

MATH 1120 Calculus for Business and Economics
  • 0-49% - Register for MATH 1040 – College Algebra
  • 50% or higher - Register for MATH 1120 (if required). Also contact your Academic Advisor to reflect testing out of MATH 1040.

MATH 1310/ 1330/ 1350- Calculus I 
  • 0-49% - Register for MATH 1050 – Pre-Calculus
  • 50% or higher - Register for MATH 1330 – Calculus for Life Sciences or MATH 1350 – Calculus I. You may also take MATH 1310 – Calculus I with Pre-Calculus Refresher A.

College credit for College Algebra or higher – that is accepted by UCCS – is considered fulfilment of prerequisite requirements, and you do not need to complete a Math Placement Test. Please note that you must have earned a C- or better for transfer courses to be accepted.

In order to receive credit for AP/IB/CLEP calculus tests, official scores must be received by UCCS. To determine the score needed to receive credit, please visit this website: // If the needed score to receive credit is not met, and your major requires the placement test, you will need to take the math placement test before registering for a math course.

If you have any other questions, please contact a Math Placement Test Coordinator at


Your placement scores will sync directly with your student portal within two business days, allowing you to register for the appropriate math course.

Math Placement Test Coordinator:  E-Mail:

Yes, there are review materials available if you want to look at them before taking your test.

MPT Review Materials

Please contact Disability Services and University Testing Office.
Phone: (719) 255-3354