Faculty Documents

UCCS Math Class

Draft documents which include previously approved Math Department policies. 

-Draft of Dept Bylaws

*These sample syllabi are general outlines developed by the Department to provide instructors and students with a typical course description. Individual syllabi may deviate from this guide and will be customized and edited by each instructor as they see fit to meet the objectives of their individual course. 

MATH 1040 - College Algebra

MATH 1050 - Elementary Functions for Calculus

MATH 1120 - Calculus for Business and Economics

MATH 1350 - Calculus I

MATH 1360 - Calculus II

MATH 3400 - Differential Equations


  • Math Petition Form Undergraduate Student form, must be signed by Undergraduate chair and Department chair. Used by students to request that a C- in a math course counts towards their degree plan.
  • Incomplete Grade Agreement Form Use this form to enter into an agreement with a student for completing your course. Outlines remaining assignments or tasks required to receive a letter grade in your course.
  • Independent Study Agreement Form Graduate and Undergraduate students who are taking an Independent Study course with a professor will need to complete this form and the Program Assistant will assign them a permission number to register for the course as an independent study student.

Travel Request Form  Use this form to request Department, Ledger or Grant funds for Travel related to your Research or Academic duties. This form must be approved by the chair (signed) and the ST number will be given to you by the Department Program Assistant. TA Numbers are no longer required, however, approval from the Chair of the Department is required to get the Speed Type number for booking travel through Christopherson Travel.

Christopherson Business Travel:

Business Hours:

  • 7:00 am to 5:30 pm (Mountain Time)
  • Monday-­‐Friday

Contact Information

  • Toll Free Phone: 1-855-462-8885
  • Local Phone: (303) 694-8744
  • Fax: (303) 741-6329
  • Email: cutravel@cbtravel.com
  • Emergency After Hours: 1-800-787-2390 (must reference service code AI79) 5:30p.m. & Weekends
  • Int’l Emergency After Hours: 1-818-575-4313 (collect call using service code AI79)

Calculating expenses for Travel Request Form:

  • Per diem (meal) rates: https://www.gsa.gov/travel/plan-book/per-diem-rates
  • Rental car information: https://www.cu.edu/psc/travel
  • International Travel:

    Effective January 4th, 2016, all international travel will require active approval from both the department and the designated International Travel Approver (officer) for the traveler's organizational unit prior to booking the trip. International travel to high-risk destinations will require additional pre-approval from the appropriate chancellor/president or his/her delegate.

    Travelers will need to submit their planned itinerary and other information through the new Concur Request module.  The traveler must personally submit the request.

    Here is a step by step guide for completing the International Travel Request.