Student Learning Outcomes to Curriculum   (download copy)

It is useful to map your student learning outcomes to your curriculum as it provides a visual by which you can track the core courses where students are introduced to concepts and then course where they will transition and refine their skillsand knowledge, finally reaching the point where they can demonstrate advance competency in a capstone project, cumulative exam, or thesis paper (or similar cumulative learning experiences). 

Student Learning Outcomes to Instruments   (download copy)

Mapping outcomes to measures is helpful in making sure that all of your outcomes are measured appropriately. 

    •   Direct measures must occur during a student's active participation in degree program, prior to graduation.
    •   You must have at least one direct measure for each outcome. 
    •   You must have at least one indirect measure for each outcome.           


*If one instrument provides evidence for all slo's, breakout the components of the instrument across the matrix and illustrate how it informs your department related to each student learning outcome.


  Updated Summer, 2016