The deadlines listed are based on the pickup times for the carriers. Pickup times may vary, Mail Services cannot control these times.

USPS - Outgoing mail is picked up by the U.S. Postal Service between 2:00 and 2:30 PM every business day. To ensure mail that needs to be processed on the same day…. should be presented to the Campus Services Building Mailroom by 1:30 PM to allow sufficient time for staff to process.

FedEx - The cutoff time for accepting FedEx packages to go out same day is 2:00 PM., anything received after that time will go out the next business day. If you process a FedEx package after the pick-up time, it is the responsibility of the department to take the package to FedEx drop-box in front of the El Pomar Center if they require the package to go out that day. The drop-box is picked up at approximately 6:00 PM. If the shipment will not fit into the drop-box, please do not leave it on top of the drop-box as it could be subject to theft.