LIVE Leadership


Program Summary


The Launching Integrity, Values and Excellence (LIVE) Leadership Program is designed to cultivate leadership skills among a dedicated group of emerging student leaders. Open to incoming, first-year freshmen, the program combines co-curricular training, mentorship and applied campus leadership experience with an emphasis on civic engagement.

Admission to the program is paired with a four year, $1,000 per year LIVE Leadership Scholarship. LIVE Leaders are expected to complete the one year LIVE program and continue to participate in LIVE projects and special events each year.

In addition, LIVE Leaders must complete UCCSlead certification and maintain co-curricular involvement on campus throughout the duration of their time at UCCS.

Why LIVE Leadership?

Make friends that will last a lifetime. Actively participate in campus life at UCCS. Take your leadership skills to the next level. Earn scholorship money to offset the cost of your tuition.