Faculty Publication: Suhaan Mehta, English Department

Suhaan Mehta

Mehta, Suhaan. 2019. Resistance and Redefinition: Theatre of the Pakistani Diaspora in the UK and the US.  IN Kanwal, Aroosa, and Saiyma Aslam The Routledge companion to Pakistani Anglophone writing. New York, NY: Routledge.

Book's Blurb

The Routledge Companion to Pakistani Anglophone Writing forms a theoretical, comprehensive, and critically astute overview of the history and future of Pakistani literature in English. Dealing with key issues for global society today, from terrorism, religious extremism, fundamentalism, corruption, and intolerance, to matters of love, hate, loss, belongingness, and identity conflicts, this Companion brings together over thirty essays by leading and emerging scholars, and presents:

  • the transformations and continuities in Pakistani anglophone writing since its inauguration in 1947 to today;
  • contestations and controversies that have not only informed creative writing but also subverted certain stereotypes in favour of a dynamic representation of Pakistani Muslim experiences;
  • a case for a Pakistani canon through a critical perspective on how different writers and their works have, at different times, both consciously and unconsciously, helped to realise and extend a uniquely Pakistani idiom.
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