Faculty Publication: Diep Dao, Geography and Environmental Studies Department

Diep Dao

Dao, Thi Hong Diep, and Jean‐Claude Thill. 2018. "Three‐dimensional indoor network accessibility auditing for floor plan design.Transactions in GIS 22, no. 1: 288-310. doi:10.1111/tgis.12310

Article's Abstract

Built environments have played an increasingly important and complex role in contemporary cities in the face of the significant number of discretionary and non‐discretionary event‐based activities that take place indoors, and the great variety of three‐dimensional designs that indoor spaces have grown to assume. However, intelligent tools that can assist designers to achieve high accessibility, particularly for large and complex buildings, are still underdeveloped. This article presents an innovative custom computer‐based design tool, dubbed FloorplanAAU (floor plan accessibility auditing), that couples GIS data modeling, indoor traversable network accessibility analysis, and interactive three‐dimensional visualization for built environments, to interactively evaluate and audit floor plans for high accessibility. The proposed method contributes to the success of applying GIS and transportation geography concepts to establish computational tools toward intelligent design and assessment of built environments.


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