Composting Now Available in the Library

photo of compost bins

The Kraemer Family Library, in partnership with the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Services, is excited to announce composting is now available in the library! Thank you to the Facility Services, the Office of Sustainability, and Rob Dougherty, Senior Executive Director of Facilities Services, for making composting in the library possible.

Where are the compost bins located? You will now find green composting bins on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor of the library alongside the black landfill and blue recycling bins.

Why should you compost? Compost is food scraps and biodegradable containers that are organically decayed for fertilizing and conditioning land. Food waste and other organic materials in landfills create methane gas - a major contributor to climate change. Composting food waste yields significantly lower emissions compared to the food waste decomposing in landfills. It also improves sanitation and public health, creates valuable soil amendment, and reduces the need for water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

What can you compost? Displayed above each bin are a list of compostable items. These include: All food (yes, including meats and dairy products), napkins, paper towels, all go-to containers and cups from UCCS Dining and Coffee Shops, wood stir sticks, soiled paper, paper plates, coffee grounds, tea bags, plant based containers and utensils, empty pizza boxes, tissue paper, and wrapping paper.

photo of compost signage






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