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The UCCS Digital Collections, a service of the Kraemer Family Library within Mountain Scholar, will function as the institutional repository for the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The repository contains a set of collections and related services that will centralize, preserve, and provide persistent and reliable access to the research output, scholarship, and creative works of faculty, academic staff, students, and administration of the UCCS campus. It holds accessible digital content, is UCCS community-driven and focused, is supported by the Library and is both durable and permanent. The repository serves to complement traditional publishing outlets such as scholarly journals and conference proceedings, as well as to capture emerging research and reflect the intellectual environment of the campus.

The developing collections will focus on recording and making accessible electronic research, scholarship, and creative works as well as materials that primarily reflect the intellectual environment of the campus. Content and description of collections will be determined by the college, department, office, or center working group, the Kraemer Family Library will upload digital objects and provided metadata to assure access.

At this time, the DSpace platform of the Digital Collections natively supports PDF (Portable Document Format) and JPEG (image files). Other formats may be stored in the repository but accessibility of these files will be dependent on the end user having the appropriate software to access and interpret the file. By default, all materials in the Digital Collections will be accessible worldwide. However, material can be restricted if necessary. The Digital Collections relies on the directives regarding copyright found in Section 19 of the General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedures, Campus Administrative Manual. The management of digital rights associated with the repository will develop in tandem with University policy and legal requirements.

Mountain Scholar is a consortium repository of the universities in Colorado and Wyoming.