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Just Talk: Sheltering the Homeless: Challenges and Opportunities

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Join us as leaders from Blackbird Outreach, His Urban Presence, and The Coalition for Compassion and Action will be speaking on the challenges they face as they provide support to Colorado Springs' homeless community.

Homelessness in Colorado Springs is increasing annually, and the city's capacity to provide emergency shelter to this population has not grown in kind. As winter is approaching, the need for more emergency shelter for the homeless is growing. Even as our city's shelter facilities are at or near capacity, there remain hundreds of people in our community who, on a cold winter night, cannot find safe shelter. This discussion is a forum to learn about the urgency of this situation and to find ways for our community to help.

  • Sky Foerster, Chair, Mission Giving and Outreach Committee, First Congregational Church (Moderator)
  • Trig Bundgaard, Co-founder and Chair, Blackbird Outreach
  • Andi Van Gogh, Co-founder and Director, Blackbird Outreach
  • Pastor Edwin "FedEx" Aldrich, Co-founder, His Urban Presence  

Join us in this conversation and engage with community leaders who are working to solve this crisis.  

When: Monday, November 20 at 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM  

Where: Library 3rd Floor Apse"

Just Talk is the Kraemer Family Library's programming series that is designed to promote open and honest dialogue about equity, diversity, and inclusion on the UCCS campus and beyond.

Posted: 11/14/2017