Library Instruction Room 237 Usage Policy and Procedures

The library instruction room, EPC 237, is for Library workshops, Library instructional classes, and Library staff training purposes. Library instruction takes precedence over all other requests and reservations. It is not intended to accommodate semester-long courses offered by other faculty on campus, nor is it to be used as a classroom by faculty outside of the library. The exception is the use of the room by faculty in the English Writing Program. Use of the room is scheduled each semester according to priority of use within the aims of the Library's instruction program as given below:

  1. English 1410, 2080, and 2090 courses.
  2. Other UCCS course-related library instruction sessions taught by or with a librarian.
  3. Library based classes, workshops, or seminars.
  4. Library staff instruction, training, and development programs or workshops, including webinars.
  5. Other courses and meetings as appropriate (e.g. Curiosity Unlimited).

Bumping Rights

When the room is needed for course-specific library instruction, those who have reserved it for activities 3, 4 and 5 may be asked to relocate to EPC 239. This decision will be made by the Instructional Services Librarian in consultation with the Head of User Services.

Peak Use Periods

Typically, during the first eight weeks of the fall and spring semesters, library instruction is at its peak. During these times, access to the lab will be closely monitored in order to accommodate these activities (e.g. Writing Program, etc.)


  • EPC 237 can be reserved for classes with no more than 24 students.
  • The Instruction Services Librarian will reserve the lab for all Writing Program instruction sessions.
  • Library faculty wishing to use the lab for other course-related instruction should reserve it using the online calendar.
  • Library staff wishing to reserve the lab should go through the Instruction Services Librarian.
  • If you find you need to cancel a reservation, do so immediately in order to free the room for others to use.