Gift Materials Policy

Kraemer Family Library only accept gifts that complement and support the instructional, learning, and research mission of the University. Selection criteria for gift materials are the same as those for purchased materials. In most cases, duplicate materials and materials that fall outside the scope of current University curriculum will not be added to the collection. Donations from those associated with the university are given priority. At the time of donation, all items become the property of Kraemer Family Library and the library reserves the right to distribute, house, or dispose of these gifts at its sole discretion.

How to Donate

  • Please contact Joanie Carlo before bringing materials to the library.
  • Donations from individuals not connected to UCCS are typically limited to one box per donor.
  • The library does not accept large donations without a prior evaluation of the donation.
  • After approval, gifts may be delivered any time the library is open.
  • Upon delivery, at your request, a donation form will be provided.
  • The library does not box or pick up donated materials.
  • Donors are not notified regarding decisions about whether or not a donated title is added to the collection.

Materials generally not accepted

  • Out of date formats such as VHS, cassette tapes, and CD-ROMs
  • Mass market paperbacks
  • Journals or serials unless it is a run of several years.
  • Materials in poor condition including but not limited to yellow/brittle pages, torn pages, water damage, or excessive highlighting/underlining
  • Older textbooks

Acknowledgement of Receipt

  • The library will provide, if requested, a letter of acknowledgement of the donation that indicates the number of books donated. To receive a letter, donor must fill out the Gifts to the Kraemer Family Library form.
  • The library will include acknowledgement of donated materials in the library's online catalog upon request.
  • Under current tax law, the Library cannot attach a value to materials received through donation. You may assign a value for tax purpose or elect to have the donation independently appraised to establish the value for tax purposes. If you want a detailed inventory by title with the letter of acknowledgement, a list of titles must be submitted with your donation.