Food Policy

Patrons are allowed to bring food and beverages into the library so long as they consume them responsibly.

Drinks are limited to those in closed containers such as covered cups or capped bottles.

Food brought into the library should be wrapped or in containers (no open plates are allowed). As a courtesy to others we ask that any food that is especially pungent be consumed outside the library.

Food deliveries are allowed but will not be accepted by staff working at any of the library service desks. Rather the person ordering the food should make arrangements to meet the delivery person at an agreed-upon spot.

In order to protect library resources and equipment we ask that food not be consumed at or around the computers or book shelves.

Patrons are required to clean-up after themselves. This includes disposing of any waste in trash receptacles and cleaning up crumbs or spills on desks and tables. Cleaning supplies can be obtained from the Main Circulation Desk. If food or beverages are spilled on the floor or on books or equipment we ask that you immediately notify a member of the library staff so that they can respond to the situation.

Patrons disregarding the food policy will be asked to leave the Library.