Display Cases Policy

Two display cases on the 3rd floor of El Pomar Center are available for displays. Display cases are available for use by the campus community although library originated displays have first priority. One of the cases is dedicated to use by University Archives. Displays in this case should be related to the history of the university.

In addition, there are two display areas on the 2nd floor in the apse area. These are not enclosed cases, but are shelves. Small displays may also be set up on the Circulation Desk.

  • All exhibits should relate to library services and/or collections and should promote scholarly and educational use of the library. Exhibitors may work with library staff to integrate information about library services and/or collections in the exhibit or include reference to them with bibliographies, signage, handouts, etc.
  • Effective exhibits are professional looking displays with well-thought out themes, relevant materials, and aesthetic appeal. A display may include books, book jackets, periodicals, posters, handicrafts, art work or other material that will visually enhance the exhibit.
  • Exhibits of cultural or scientific importance to the community at large are encouraged. Exhibits of a commercial nature (e.g. to solicit business or profit oriented), recruitment efforts, and exhibits of a similar type are not accepted.
  • Displays will normally be in the case one month, with the display beginning on the first day of the month.
  • Any exhibit costs must be assumed by the sponsoring organization. Insurance for displays of materials not owned by the library is the responsibility of the owner. The library cannot be responsible for valuable items placed in the case.
  • Displays must be approved by the Associate Dean. The Associate Dean will maintain a calendar of planned displays.