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Faculty Publication: Darshika G. Perera, Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Shahrouzi, S. N. and Darshika G. Perera."Dynamic Partial Reconfigurable Hardware Architecture for Principal Component Analysis on Mobile and Embedded Devices." Eurasip Journal on Embedded Systems 2017 (1). DOI: 10.1186/s13639-017-0074-x

Article Abstract

"With the advancement of mobile and embedded devices, many applications such as data mining have found their way into these devices. These devices consist of various design constraints including stringent area and power limitations, high speed-performance, reduced cost, and time-to-market requirements. Also, applications running on mobile devices are becoming more complex requiring significant processing power. Our previous analysis illustrated that FPGA-based dynamic reconfigurable systems are currently the best avenue to overcome these challenges. In this research work, we introduce efficient reconfigurable hardware architecture for principal component analysis (PCA), a widely used dimensionality reduction technique in data mining. For mobile applications such as signature verification and handwritten analysis, PCA is applied initially to reduce the dimensionality of the data, followed by similarity measure. Experiments are performed, using a handwritten analysis application together with a benchmark dataset, to evaluate and illustrate the feasibility, efficiency, and flexibility of reconfigurable hardware for data mining applications. Our hardware designs are generic, parameterized, and scalable. Furthermore, our partial and dynamic reconfigurable hardware design achieved 79 times speedup compared to its software counterpart, and 71% space saving compared to its static reconfigurable hardware design." -- from the journal

Posted: 04/13/2017