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Faculty Publication: Brandon Vogt and Emily Skop, Geography & Environmental Studies

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Vogt, Brandon J., and Emily Skop. "The Silverton Field Experience: A Model Geography Course for Achieving High-Impact Educational Practices (HEPs)." Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 2017, pp. 1-16.

About the Article

"High-Impact Educational Practices (HEPs) are a set of specific teaching and learning approaches proven effective in university education. This paper focuses on the benefits derived from utilizing three particular HEPs (inquiry-based collaborative activities, undergraduate research, and experiential learning) while teaching a snow and ice field course titled "Silverton Field Experience." Student evaluations and instructor feedback reinforce the notion that HEPs encourage deep learning. Deep learning is manifest through increased enthusiasm and participation as well as learning in ways that are meaningful, creative, and stimulating. In terms of pedagogy in geography, these HEPs also create an expanded sense of place and a new way to encourage spatial thinking. The HEPs outlined here are replicable in different geography sub-disciplines and among different settings in higher education and prove exciting to an audience of pedagogic researchers and teacher-practitioners in geographical education." -- from the journal

Posted: 06/15/2017